Learning Management System

Class Management System

Tablet Management System

Integrating Learning Management System
Smart Education Classroom Solution
Interactive Touchscreen Projection System
Simply TouchScreen
Work with any type of Projector
Normal, Short, UltraShort Throw Projects Compatible

Project to any Flat Surface
Turning Walls and Whiteboards to TouchScreen!

Easy Installation
2 sensors; 1 on top of board, 1 on projector

Intuitive Gesture Recognition
Annotate and Write with fingers or any solid objects, Rotate, Zoom, and Erase

Cost-Effective Solution for Interactive Learning

Easy to Operate
Install, Calibrate, and Good to Go!

Multimedia Education Software
Fully Animated and Interactive for your Teaching Purposes


All-in-one solution for ICT teaching in Schools

Progressive, Practical and Hands-On ICT Curriculum Mastering ICT Skills
Fun Engaging Teaching
Mobile ICT Classroom
Solution for remote and specialised ICT teaching requirement
Robotics For School
Bridging Fun and Science Learning together!

Build, Program, Execute
Creative Teaching of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics